Thank You All for Your Fantastic Support!

The 2014 Hearts & Stars Gala: Beyond Macau, one of South Florida’s premier social and philanthropic events, occured March 15th, 2014. Guests enjoyed  an outstanding night of food, drink, and entertainment, at the Terra Veritatis Estate in Miami Beach, FL, owned by Bill Dean. Proceeds from the Hearts & Stars Gala benefit The Little Lighthouse Foundation (LLF).

Founded in 2010, LLF is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization assisting children and their families in South Florida who struggle with educational, financial, and medical hardships. This support is derived from recruiting and educating passionate, caring, socially conscious South Floridians, and then deploying them throughout LLF programming and beneficiary charities. In addition, LLF  raises monies to provide direct support to children and their families within its mission.  Through a new paradigm of fundraising and awareness, LLF financially supports its own programming and numerous partner organizations throughout South Florida, along with dispatching hundreds of volunteers who donate their time and hearts.

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Hearts & Stars Gala 2014 Video

Little Lighthouse Foundation 2013 Recap Video

Hearts & Stars Gala 2013 Video